Here we go again . . . They are getting you with these coupons to start the Black Friday shopping early. I always fall for it. Show up early, praying to baby Jesus I get the lucky $500 shopping spree coupon, but it never fails. I always end up with the sloppy, “Thanks for trying" ticket or smallest discount. UGH!! You are supposed to help me here, not hurt my pocket!!

Now on a serious note, if you are feeling extremely lucky or aren't greedy and get happy with any extremely small discount, listen to this. JC Penney will be hooking up the first few costumers with discount coupons.

Danny Seo and Real Housewives of NYC Celebrate Earth Week at JCPenney
Credit: Amy Sussman

This isn't anything new for the loyal JC Penney customers. The department store has given away these coupons in the past.

On Thanksgiving Day JC Penney is set to open at 2pm and stay open for over 24 hours. Hopefully you have amazing luck and get that $500 shopping spree if you're one of the first people to get there. Talk about setting you up!

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