We all already knew that Black Friday was going to be super different, but I didn’t think it was going to be like this. I ventured out and went Black Friday shopping this year. Here’s what happened.

Let’s take it all the way back to the night before Thanksgiving. I went into Target, not thinking it was going to be crazy. Boy, oh boy was I wrong. I have never in my life seen that many employees! I swear, every two steps I took there was another employee working on a different project. One of the things I noticed was that there were TV's everywhere! I mean literally everywhere. From my perspective, I personally did not think the prices were that great, however, these were really nice TV’s. It seemed as if everyone was doing gift shopping, instead of shopping for food like I was sure they were there to do. I ended up not even finding what I needed. 

Thanksgiving Day rolls around. I had in mind that I wanted to shop. Now, I used to work in retail for a longtime, so I know how annoying it is that stores are open on any holiday, but especially Thanksgiving. Even though I wanted to go out and shop, I didn’t! I stayed home and settled for going in the morning. Not to mention, many stores were actually closed this year due to the pandemic. I hope that they keep it like this. 

Black Friday finally hits, and I must say I was disappointed! Of course, I was happy that the store’s weren’t crowded, but the sales weren’t even that great. What happened to the sales that our parents and grandparents used to camp out for? Old Navy was really empty. I did buy a couple of sweaters from there, which were only $10 so that was a steal. I then moved to Ulta, where I bought a couple of lip glosses.  Walmart was not as bad as I expected to be either, but I did not end up getting anything from there. And then I entered the madness.

I went back to Target.  I knew it was going to be insane when I pulled up to the parking lot and there was not 1 space! Granted, it was a nice day so I did not mind walking, but it was a far walk. As I walked in I immediately wanted to walk out because of the amount of people! Everyone was still very safe, but still too many people for me.

Did I mention that I went out specifically to buy a TV? It never happened! I tried to be strong and carry it myself and dropped it! I won’t say which store, but just know I never got to leave the store with it, and it was the last one! I think it’s safe to say that Black Friday-COVID Edition was a FAIL!




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