I don't mean to brag, but I am a great flosser. I'm not talijg about flossing my teeth, I am talking about The Floss, you know, the dance that became famous back in 2017? Let me take you back to a Katy Perry performance of Swish Swish in 2017 where a young kid named Russell Horning stole the entire performance with his moves. He got the nickname The Backpack Kid for obvious reasons and before he or anyone else knew it, he went viral.

Later that year, a game called Fortnite came out and the floss made an appearance in the game. Russell Horning and his management team sued the creators of Fortnite for using his dance. Last I heard the lawsuits were on pause, but Fortnite is still a really popular game three years after it's release.


Fortnite was available to play on a gaming console or by downloading it in the App Store or Google Play, well, that was until yesterday. According to The Verge, Apple and Google have pulled the game from their stores due to some shady stuff Epic Games was doing. The gaming company basically offered their users a discount if they bought the game through them and not through other channels like Apple or Google. I've seen this happen with Groupon. I would call a business to make a reservation and say I saw their deal on Groupon and they would give me that price. That way they wouldn't have fees taken out by Groupon. Crazy!

Both Apple and Google noticed this was happening and no longer made Fortnite available to download in their stores. Epic Games has now fired back with lawsuit against both companies. We'll see if it goes anywhere. I don't think it's ever good to go against huge tech companies like these two. So if you already have Fortnite on your device, you're good, but if not, you may have to look for another way to play.

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