It is extremely disgusting how predators are going after kids through different apps! Parents, if your children are using apps such as,, Fortnite, Tumblr and Minecraft, be very careful who they are interacting with.

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Recently the arrest of 24 men was announced after detectives found that they were pretending to be kids. These men lured kids in  through the digital platforms. Most of these apps have access to private messaging, which is how many of these predators can reach out to your kids. All predators have been charged with second degree child luring. "Anything that gives strangers access to children potentially through the guise of a game has the potential to be dangerous to a child," said New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to

Make sure that your children are of the right age to be playing these online video games or using these apps. Many of these apps have settings to turn off private messages or even to make all account access private. If it's necessary, make the changes.

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