Here comes another thing to blame on millenials! Will people start pronouncing the clear liquid that you drink when you are really thirsty, "water" as "wooder?" It's possible! Since a new study suggests that millenials and their dialect are killing the Philly accent. Apparently, the way millennials are speaking these days, is shifting the dialect of Philadelphians and many fear the signature "Philly accent" may disappear.

So what is a Philly accent? Why is a Philly accent different than ones around the country? Check out the video below for your crash course on The Philly Accent.

Fox 29 News took this question to the streets of Philadelphia to find out what people thought about this statement and here's what they thought. It seems like people believe it's how you teach future generations to speak and if people have lived in Philadelphia all their lives, their children are going to speak the exact same way they do. If they teach their babies to say "wooder," that's how they'll say it. That will have the next generation coming up with an accent, so no worries Philadelphia, you keep saying things the way you do! No one is going to kill your vibe!


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