It wasn't just hand sanitizer, gloves and masks that were in short supply during the height of the pandemic, many other items like bikes, were very hard to find since people were looking to get into biking during the pandemic. reports, that bikes are still going to be really hard to find, ands not just bikes, but bike parts. There's also two more things may be missing from stores shelves as well. Tequila and heat lamps are in very short supply right now too. I think tequila is obvious, people are drinking way more now than they ever have, and because of the pandemic, production facilities were forced to shut down, supply and demand were not adding up. Now, heat lamps are hard to find mostly because of restaurants trying to keep their patrons warm while most were only allowed to have outdoor dining. Also, people were spending so much time in their yards and at home and it's pretty nice to have one of those bad boys to keep yourself nice and toasty while you hung out outside this summer. So if you're not able to find any of these items, you're not crazy, it's just that everyone else is looking for them too.

I have to say, it's been a little stressful to go to the store to pick some stuff up and see that the shelves are empty. Whenever I am in Target, I go right to the sanitizer aisle and pick up whatever I can before the shelves are wiped out again. I have a good enough supply now for my home, but, we need supplies for the radio station, so I pick those up whenever I can. It's sad though cuz if you try to order online, there is price gouging happening on many websites, but certain stores, like Target aren't letting that happen in their stores, which I can appreciate. After reading this article, it makes me grateful that my husband always has plenty of tequila and I've had my mountain bike for many years. I'm all set.

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