A new "at home" store will be opening soon in the Nassau Park shopping center on Route 1 South in West Windsor.

I saw a sign when I was leaving Target over the weekend, that may have caught your eye too. It was on the main road that runs through the shopping center. Small and understated, it simply said at home...and the "o" in home is a pic of a cute, little home. The sign didn't have an arrow pointing where it was going to be, or any other hints, so when I got home I Googled it.

Sure enough, "at home Princeton" came up with the address of 301 Nassau Park Blvd. Hmmm...which store is that?  Determined, I looked it up on Google Maps, and it looks like it's going to be where Sam's Club was. That's a big space. I've never heard of "at home" before, but, it certainly sounds like a store I would love, considering I'm obsessed with HomeGoods, HomeSense, and everything like it. Lol.

The description online says, "We know that no two people are the same, and we like it that way. From quirky to traditional, modern to exotic, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. Our wide variety of products allows customers to express their own unique style throughout their home in ways big and small."

I can't wait. I don't really know any other details except there are job postings on their website for the new Princeton location, so if you're looking for a job, take a look here.

HomeGoods, HomeSense, and now at home in the same shopping center? Sounds good to me. Lol. Over 50,000 products in stock, truckloads of new merchandise arriving daily, yeah, I'll be there opening day.

There are also at home stores in Cherry Hill and Brick Township.

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