For all of the guys that are being pressured to propose to their partner, you are not alone. If you are in a relationship of over 2 years and you still haven't proposed you are not a part of the "average" group of guys that fall under the pressure of having to propose. Well, maybe they are deeply in love like you are and just decided to pull the trigger quicker than you.

According to, the average American proposes within 30.3 months of dating. That is about 2 and a half years in case you are bad at math like me. Personally, I think that is a little rushed but to each their own.

We learned on that New Jersey residents are pretty quick to get engaged. The average New Jersey resident gets engaged by the 22.9 months mark, just shy of two years. That is pretty quick in my opinion.

What if you are rushing and then you have to get divorced because things don't work out. Once you are married just remember this saying "it is cheaper to keep her."

The state of Pennsylvania is pretty much the same as New Jersey. shared that Pennsylvania residents average about 29.3 months (2.4 years) in a relationship before getting engaged.

I will say I have seen it happen where people get engaged and wait a long time to actually get married. A lot of times their whole game plan fails because they ended up not being able to stand each other anymore. The interesting thing is many American's find true love after being in 2 serious relationships, according to

So for those that have not given in just yet to getting engaged, are we doing it right, or are we just making our partners mad because they are waiting for the ring? Either way, be proud that you are not average. LOL.

It was stated on that Ohio is the state that waits the longest to get engaged with 48 months while Indiana has the shortest engagement timeline with 15 months. One last thing, getting engaged on a holiday is somewhat corny and 56% of Americans will not get engaged on a holiday.

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