If you're looking for a way to improve your relationship in 2020 these resolutions are something you might want to consider.

With a new decade underway, there are plenty of people who have set new goals and new resolutions to kick off 2020.

Dieting, going to the gym and saving money are some typical resolutions you might always hear but another good resolution is improving your romantic relationships.

There's probably nothing more important then working on your relationship with your significant other, I mean they're most likely the person you want to spend forever with.

According to huffpost.com, these resolutions can help you improve your relationship and keep it healthy for the new decade. Check out the list below.

1. Put limits on your phone use.

2. Designate time each day to connect with your partner.

3. Commit to doing something spontaneous together once a month.

4. Make a weekly sex date with your partner.

5. Schedule monthly money talks.

6. Practice gratitude daily.


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