Get ready. A new business that will allow you to throw axes is coming to our area.

Bury the Hatchet is coming soon to the Lawrence Shopping Center, according to their website. It says "Princeton" as the location, but, the address, 2495 Brunswick Pike, is actually the Lawrence Shopping Center.

I've always wanted to try it. They say it's like playing darts, but with axes. I can do that... I think?  I'm sure it's harder than it looks, but I want to go and see why this is becoming more and more popular.

They give you a 15 minute training session and safety tips, you sign some waivers, and then you're on your own. They tell you that you must wear closed-toe shoes. You better not drop those axes. Yikes. A 2-hour session is $39.99 per person. For more info click here.

You can go with a group of friends, or just you & your honey for date night. They even have leagues you can join. To make an online reservation click here.


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