One thing that's always guaranteed when it comes to concerts is the noise level. There's simply no such thing as a quiet concert. However, apparently one woman, dubbed a "Karen" by the internet, thought there should be.

In a viral TikTok with millions of views, the woman tells a group of fans in the row behind her to quiet down during a Backstreet Boys concert. The disgruntled woman then crosses her arms before shouting "Be quiet!" and exchanging a few more words with the fans, calling them rude.

Luckily, a venue worker intervenes and attempts to resolve the disagreement.

The woman can be seen pointing out the alleged perpetrators who disrupted her concert quiet time before the worker says, "Okay, I'm asking you to stop."

The woman appears to say, "I want her, her, her, her..." — seemingly referring to the fans seated behind her as she appears to try to get them kicked out.

"Ma'am, I'm asking you... If you do not stop... Please turn around. They've agreed not to talk to you. I'm asking you to please not talk to them," the event staff tells her.

"When you're at a concert and she wants it quiet," the video caption reads, highlighting the irony of the situation.

Watch the full video, below:

In the comments, viewers had many thoughts on the bizarre interaction.

"Who goes to a concert for quiet time lmfao," one person wrote, while another joked, "This wasn’t very 'backstreets back alright' of her."

"I would have been her worst nightmare!! I was on my feet and loud the whole time at Backstreet Boys!!" another person commented.

"The surprise she must have had when the concert started," one viewer quipped.

In a follow-up video, the original poster elaborated on the situation and explained that the girls sitting behind the woman were "having just a random conversation with each other" and weren't "even being extra loud or obnoxious."

She claimed the woman turned around in her seat and told the girls to "shut up" before escalating things by telling everyone to "shut the f--k up."

"This is a concert, it's gonna be loud in here," she said the usher told the woman.

She also claimed the woman's partner actually apologized to the row of people for the woman's behavior: "She ended up getting mad that he apologized to us, so she got up, walked up the stairs and left."

Apparently, the woman also cried and "tried to play victim."

The incident took place before the concert had even begun.

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