Who doesn’t like sweet treats or sweet drinks on a hot summer day?

Cake Life Bakeshop in Fishtown is honoring “Queer Eye” by creating a new menu of lattes and floats inspired by the fab five.

Cake Life Bakeshop has baked cakes for people like Beyoncé and their head pastry chef has even competed on multiple food competitions on the food network.

According to phillyvoice.com, the hit Netflix original show “Queer Eye" is in Philadelphia to film the show's fifth season.

Front house manager of the bakery, Chrissy Tomasco says "We tried to take inspiration from each of the Fab Five for the flavors, and then used some of our favorite quotes or moments from the show for the names.”

  • The Gorg: A cinnamon toast crunch latte inspired by Jonathan Van Ness and his love of cinnamon.
  • The Zaddy: A cherry vanilla Coke float honoring Karamo and his fixation with Coke.
  • Struggs to Func: A sparkling orange and mint matcha drink that's based on an orange and mint cocktail Bobby Berk concocted on the show.
  • The French Tuck: A salted caramel latte inspired by Antoni's favorite midnight snack, a caramel sea salt chocolate bar.
  • Black and Tanni: A chai cold brew float inspired by and named after – you already know – Tan "Tanni" France.

The bakery will be serving these special drinks until September. Grab your friend and come on down to the bakery for a sweet treat honoring “Queer Eye”.

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