My heart is broken! If you know me, you know how much I love Bar Louie. Karli K and I go there almost every single weekend when we don't have to work. We order the same exact thing every time. I get the loaded nachos and two strawberry margaritas, and Karli always gets the loaded tots with a single margarita. Yes, I got harder than her when it comes to alcohol. Well, we just found out that our favorite spot in Bensalem, near Neshaminy Mall.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. A few months ago Bar Louie filed for bankruptcy and as a result they had to close many locations across the country. According to NBC News, 90 locations were impacted as well as over 1,500 employees. The Bar Louie in Warrington was one of the unlucky locations back in January.

To make matters worse, coronavirus hit the United States. When Pennsylvania forced all restaurants to only serve takeout only, Bar Louie in Bensalem closed down all together. Karli and I had a gut feeling that it wouldn't reopen. Despite it's prime location, next to Neshaminy Mall, Neshaminy Square and Marketplace at Neshaminy, the restaurant was never really popping.

As of June 5, Governor Tom Wolf has allowed outdoor dinning as part of phase two of Pennsylvania's reopening process. I was so excited because I knew the first place I planned on going was Bar Louie. After all it is only 2 minutes away from my house! However, Karli and I checked the internet and saw that it is permanently closed.

If you have any recommendations on where we can get loaded nachos, loaded tots and bomb margaritas LET ME KNOW!


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