The latest Tik Tok challenge has reached Bucks County and has done some serious damage in some of the schools.

Have you heard of the devious licks" challenge? Its stupid when you think about it, but all the kids are doing it. It is basically a challenge that has students going into school bathrooms and damaging, destroying and stealing soap dispensers. But it hasn't just stopped at the soap dispensers. No, of course some kids have to take it up a level. All
over the country, school bathrooms have been completely vandalized and destroyed.


Council Rock school district in Bucks County has had multiple reports of this challenge being carried out in its schools, as well as Hatboro-Horsham High School, according to Patch. In some cases, the soap dispensers weren't just destroyed, they were stolen all together. According to Bucks Courier Times, kids have started ripping signs off the walls and shredding them into pieces.


All Bucks County students have been sent home with a letter to their parents warning them off possible consequences to participating in these "devious licks." Punishment could range from detention all the way to having the police called.

It's all fun and games on social media, and yes the videos may garner a few thousand likes, but at the end of the day think about who has to clean all the mess up. Think about the janitors who ever single day have to go to these vandalized bathrooms and pick up all the trash, broken dispensers and toilet paper that had been draped over the mirrors.

Let's grow up, please.


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