Students are finally back in school this year after learning virtually for over a year. Being back in the classrooms means back to abiding my schools rules and regulations. There is no more rolling out of bed two minutes before class time and being able to hop on a zoom call in your pajamas. Kids are back to having to wake up early, catch the bus, make it to homeroom on time  and of course follow the school's dress code.

In Bucks County specifically, there is no school uniform for middle and high schoolers like there are for elementary students. However, a lot of the kids have taken an issue with the guidelines put in place in regards to how they are allowed to dress. According to Bucks Courier Times, all middle and high school students are to "dress modestly and in good taste at all times." Hats, hoods or anything that goes on your head is not allowed. They are prohibited from wearing tanks tops, spaghetti straps and white beaters as well. Skirts that are too short are a big no, and don't let school officials catch you in booty shorts either.

According to Bucks Courier Times, there was a district wide protest where students showed up to school dressed however than wanted. Some of the students feel as though the dress code isn't as fair towards the girls as it is the boys.

Another protest also happened this past week at a Pennsylvania school in Bethlehem. According to WFMZ, nearly 200 kids walked out of class at Liberty High School for a peaceful protest to show school officials that they "will not change the way they dress because it's more convenient for your lack of self control."

What I appreciate about the way these schools handled these protest is that instead of punishing the students, they extended the invitation for conversation.


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