A new Netflix original is in the making and you can be an actor in it. Philly Voice mentioned that director, Zack Snyder, needs actors to be in the movie shooting this September in Atlantic City, NJ. Zack Snyder, famous for the movie “300” and “Wonder Woman,” is filming a new movie called, “Army of the Dead.”

According to Philly Voice, the film is in need of actors to play skinny zombies, athletic type zombies, and “men who are comfortable portraying exotic dancers.”

The Philly Voice also noted that if you want to be an actor/extra in this film you have to be very comfortable with a lot of different scenarios, including scenes with fake blood, violence, smoke, and more.

Just know if you get the part of an exotic dancer be ready to wear some very revealing clothes.

Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience acting alongside professional wrestler, Dave Bautista.

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