How amazing is it when you gather up a ton of coupons when you go shopping and then you see your receipt and see how much money you saved? So satisfying, right? I love it! I never go shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond without a coupon. I mean, how can you? They send you so many in the mail and they NEVER expire. I remember someone even putting some coupons in a gift bag at my bridal shower! Of course they bought us a gift too, but I thought the coupons were a nice touch. Anyways, it's a great store, but many stores may be closing soon.

According to The Patch, Bed Bath & Beyond plans to close almost 30 stores in Pennsylvania. Now, some of these stores are just getting a revamp and will begin that revamp before Christmas. However, some of the stores may close if they are still underperforming. Bed Bath & Beyond wants to improve their stores for their customers and in the end, bring more people in to spend money in their stores.

Check out a list of Bed Bath & beyond Stores in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, at this time, we don't know which ones will be closing and which ones will be getting the renovations, but hopefully we can update you soon.

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