Oh, you're going to love this news if you're a beer drinker. There's a new brewery being built in Hamilton Township (Mercer County), according to Mayor Jeff Martin's social media. It will be the very FIRST brewery in town.

I love the name. It's called the Bent Iron Brewing Company. It will be located at 70 Extonville Road. There was a groundbreaking ceremony last week with Mayor Martin, the business owners and other local officials.

The goal, as of right now, is for it to be open this fall (2023). Hopefully, construction can stay on time because this is exciting.

The Bent Iron Brewery is going to have an outdoor patio with firepits so you and your friends can hang out. There's also going to be cornhole and plenty of seating to sit, relax and enjoy the craft beer.

The brewery's name came from the owners sitting around bonfire after bonfire, coming up with ideas for this new business. Each time they'd gather and brainstorm, they'd bend a piece of iron in the fire. The result is now featured in the brewery's logo and will be prominently displayed in the new taproom.

Bent Iron Brewing Company
Bent Iron Brewing Company
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The new brewing company's website is up and running. It encourages you to "Stay tuned & Stay Thirsty."

They're already doing a Valentine's Giveaway. Click here for the details.

"Get Bent" by signing up for the Bent Iron's newsletter so you can be the first to know when it's going to be opening and other news.

I'll let you know when I find out more details and grand opening information.

By the way, Lawrence Township is getting a new brewery too. It's going to be opening soon in the Manors Shopping Center.

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