Things are looking pretty grim for this Italian restaurant chain on a steep decline.

But are we really surprised? You might remember when last year, two Bertucci's in the area shuttered their doors for good. One by the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne PA, and the other one in Marlton, NJ. 

Well it just happened again in another South Jersey location. According to Facebook community page 'A View From Evesham', the Bertucci's located at 1220 Nixon D in Mt Laurel Township, NJ has abruptly shuttered their doors for good.

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In fact, it happened so abruptly, that the staff wasn't made aware until they showed up for their shifts, according to the post:

As it stands now, there are no more Bertucci's in New Jersey.

So what's going on? You can probably guess.

According to Restaurant Business, the Italian restaurant/brick oven pizza chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a second time last year. They're blaming the effects of the pandemic and inflation rates for this filing.

The first time they filed for bankruptcy was in 2018, during which time they closed dozens of their restaurants across the Northeast. They managed to recover when it was sold out of bankruptcy. But now things are looking pretty grim.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This news is met with a lot of dismay in the Facebook comments -  lot of it being frustration for the employees who were blindsided by this news:

"I just went past there earlier today. There are construction people there already! So, I thought that they had been closed for a while!"

"How hard is it to give your employees a little warning? A day? Group text?"

"Sad. We’ve loved them since they opened."

"That’s awful. The employees were so nice there and the food was always good. This makes me sad."

Will you miss Bertucci's if the whole chain goes belly-up?


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