Time to start the day! And when you're in New Jersey, there's no better way to do it than with a hearty breakfast sandwich. 

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel
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They way "baconeggandcheeese" rolls off our tongue faster than anyone in the country, We might as well put it as a single word in the New Jersey dictionary.

Whether you like lox on a bagel, sausage, bacon or pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel, biscuit, croissant, or English muffin, you're sure to find the perfect breakfast sandwich to start your day in New Jersey.

Taylor Ham Egg Sandwich
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But where can you get the BEST breakfast sandwich in New Jersey? This is a question we've ventured to find the answer to before but here's another answer you may not have even heard about.

Let's turn to the food experts - The Food Network. They compiled a meaty list of 50 States of Breakfast Sandwichesand true to New Jersey nature... their pick for our state has pork roll in it!

Taylor Ham Breakfast Sandwich
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Let's take a look at where to get this knock-out breakfast sandwich.

According to the Food Network, the best breakfast sandwich in New Jersey is...

"The P&L Custom" - Allenwood General Store in Allentown, New Jersey.

If you hadn't already known, looking at this place you never would have guessed this general store has a hidden gem of sandwich inside.

Allentown General Store in Allenwood, New Jersey
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And their all-star breakfast sandwich deemed the best in the state? The P&L Custom!

Here's what The Food Network had to say about this sandwich"

"Any native New Jerseyan will tell you that pork roll, also known as Taylor ham, is one of the best bites the Garden State has to offer... Though it's nearly ubiquitous, the version sold out of Allenwood General Store in tiny Allenwood, New Jersey is worth a journey. The good folks behind the counter might have gotten a little carried away when creating the P&L Custom, a mountain of pork roll, egg, cheese, sausage and bacon on a hard roll."

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Have you ever inside of this hidden gem of a general store? If you ever do, you can't leave without trying this thing!

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