Feelin' Chinese food tonight?

There's just something about Chinese food that satisfies the soul. When you're looking forward to lo mein, general tsos chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp fried rice, garlic string beans, crab rangoons, egg rolls and egg drop soup, there's nothing that can get in your way.

There's absolutely no doubt about it - America loves Chinese food!

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And there's so much of it! So the task of deciphering which Chinese restaurant is the best in every state can be a daunting, yet delicious task. It all comes down to food critics, online reviews, and consistency in quality and flavors. Yum!

So when it comes to Pennsylvania, where can you find the best Chinese restaurant?

Two different food & lifestyle sources, LoveFood and Eat This, Not That landed on the same place. Next stop, Philadelphia!

Han Dynasty - Philadelphia

Han Dynasty has many locations in Pennsylvania, but the one on Chestnut Street in Old City, Philadelphia gets this special credit.

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Google Maps

Here's what LoveFood had to say about this particular spot:

"...The Old City branch on Chestnut Street, Philadelphia is particularly highly rated – not only for its incredible Sichuan food but also its elegant location... The menu of much-loved dishes includes flavorful dan dan noodles, spicy, crispy cucumbers, and kung pao tofu."


Do you agree? Han Dynasty is personally my favorite Chinese restaurant as well. I love going to the one in Cherry Hill. If you've never been you simply have to go - but watch out for those spice levels!

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