A Pennsylvania town was just named one of the best Christmas towns to visit in the ENTIRE nation by a major national publication.

And I have to admit... I am not surprised.

Sure, it's a little early to have this conversation, but the Christmas season moves TOO quickly. There are SO many sites to see and places to visit so I don't want to miss the chance to do the best of the best.

So when the very well-respected publication, Readers Digest, published a list of the "Best Christmas Towns" in the entire country, I immediately marked my Christmas 2022 plans to take into account that one of the best Christmas towns in the entire country is right here in our area.

What Pennsylvania city made the list? You may have already guessed it.

It's Bethlehem, Pa! I mean, I'm not surprised. They've literally been nicknamed the "Christmas City" since Christmas Eve 1741.

The highlights they noted in their list include their famous Christkindlmarkt, carriage rides, stage shows, decorated trees, and more.

The Christkindlmarkt has been featured on travel shows from across the globe, and I just found out there's even a live advent calendar (with legit performances) included.

I've never visited Bethlehem, Pa during the holidays, but it certainly has a picturesque Christmas vibe to it. It's a walkable city that appears to be stunningly decorated every holiday season.

Bethlehem, Pa is not far from the Philadelphia metro area either. Located in Northeast Pa., Bethlehem, Pa is about 75 minutes away (via car) from Philadelphia, PA. And it's about the same (80 minutes) from Mercer County, NJ.

Great news! We're only about a month away from their Christmas festivities in Bethlehem, Pa!

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