Everyone has their go-to salon to get their hair done. Usually, you religiously see one hair stylist unless something goes terribly wrong. It’s almost like a doctor-to-patient relationship.

You have to build a relationship with them and then after time, they get to know you and what you like.

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If you’re in between finding the right salon for you and you live in the Philadelphia, PA area, you have to go to Yelp for help with this one. Yelp is one of the best tools when it comes to finding a new store, salon, restaurant, hotel, or pretty much any other form of business you’re not entirely sure of or do not have a lot of information on.

You can type in any store, salon type, or even more direct things like the name of a business and people in your area will give you detailed and accurate reviews.

Where Is House of Clarity Salon in Philadelphia, PA?

It’s really a fantastic tool and the people of Yelp have named the best salon in the Philadelphia area using Yelp. Reviewers in the Philadelphia area have given House of Clarity in Philadelphia the title of being the highest-reviewed hair salon in the Philadelphia area.

It has 20 reviews and it’s rated a 5.0. House of Clarity is women-owned and operated and welcomes walk-ins as well, which is sometimes hard to come by, especially in a city.

The salon has amazing reviews from customers like Rachael S. in Philadelphia, PA who writes “-Everyone at HOOC is very friendly, and I love that the owners invest resources into their team in terms of furthering education -”

If you’re looking to give another salon a chance, check them out because it seems like a ton of people in the Philadelphia area have had great experiences here. House of Clarity is located at 1532 Sansom St. Fl 2 in Philadelphia, PA!

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