When you think of New Jersey, which foods do you think of? You've heard and eaten them all before. Cheesesteaks, pork roll, pizza, water ice, hoagies...!

You'd probably have a hard time finding someone who prefers these foods served by restaurant chains as opposed to local restaurants delis, pizzerias, cheesesteak shops etc. You can't really beat that. But when it does come to restaurant chains, which one are you going for? Domino's? Chipotle? Five Guys? Primo Hoagies?

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Mashed.com, a popular website specializing in all things food, delved into this topic in their latest list of The Best Restaurant Chain in Every State. Many of the picks are locally popular chains you've probably never heard of in New Jersey. Unique to each state. Like Chaps Pit Beef in Maryland or Big Jud's in Idaho.

So what do they deem as the absolute BEST restaurant chain in New Jersey? It couldn't be more predictable, but maybe they're right.

Jersey Mike's

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Good ol' reliable Jersey Mike's! Jersey is in the name, for Pete's sake. And as far as chains go, they're a solid choice for freshly made hoagies and hot subs.

Here's why Mashed chose Jersey Mike's:

"From a humble start inside of a nondescript storefront, Jersey Mike's is now a nationwide phenomenon with locations from sea to shining sea. In New Jersey alone, there are more than 100 locations. Jersey Mike's has won countless awards for their sub sandwiches and their menu has a variety of cold subs, hot subs, sides, and desserts."

What do you think? Is Jersey Mike's the best restaurant chain in New Jersey? I always get a tuna sub from Jersey Mike's and it always hits, but personally, I think they're a better contender for best fast food chain in New Jersey.  Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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