If you're anything like me, you looove Target. I'm obsessed, actually. I admit it. Most days I can't get out of there without spending like $100. Ugh! It's like Target knows me personally, and knows exactly what I need, want, and like, in life. lol. Just read on app.com  that the Target in Howell, NJ, on Route 9, is one of the first stores of many to get an "ambitious" new look. Wow!  Target's going to redesign more than 1,000 stores over the next 2 years.  Along with a new design, there's also going to be a new set up for you to pick up your online orders in store, a specialty beauty area, improved fresh produce, and a boost in groceries. All sounds amazing to me!  Can't wait for it to be our Nassau Park store's turn. Hopefully, soon...it's great now, can you imagine what it's going to be like after the redesign? I may need a 2nd job. lol

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