The Newtown area in Pennsylvania has gone through a bunch of construction work, getting new shops as well as renovations on existing buildings. It doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon either. recently reported that there is a new Old Navy store coming to the Newtown Shopping Center. That's not the only thing changing at the shopping center. Chick-fil-a is looking to expand its restaurant, according to Bucks County Courier Times.

The Old Navy store will be taking over a piece of land in the shopping center that is completely free, according to It'll be right off Route 413, next to the Chick-fil-a that will be expanding.

No word yet on when the Old Navy store will be completed.

As for the Chick-fil-a expansion, mentioned that the fast-food restaurant will be making their kitchen area bigger by 400-feet.

The reason for all of these additions is because of all the work that the competition has done to their shopping center. According to, Villages at Newtown Center have a lot of action and the Newtown Shopping Center doesn't want to fall behind and lose traffic.

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