Billie Eilish praised her childhood crush Justin Bieber on his Seasons docu-series.

The 18-year-old pop star, along with other well-known artists, including Usher, Big Sean and DJ Khaled, appeared on the final episode of the YouTube documentary to discuss JB's career and how much he's grown over the years. In it, Eilish admits she'll support Bieber no matter what he puts out, proving she's still his No. 1 fan.

"Anything that he makes at all I'm excited about," the singer said. "I don't care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store. I'm excited. Anything that Justin makes I'm like ready to go."

"I would say that he's doing better and that makes me so happy because, you know, I like, care about him more than, like, anyone in my life," she admitted with a laugh. "The fact that he's just moving forward and going, and going, and going, is huge. I think it's bigger than all of us even realize because it's easy to stop."

You can also see the final Justin Bieber: Seasons episode in full (if you have YouTube premium), below:

Eilish's Seasons appearance comes just one week after Bieber got visibly emotional while speaking about her during an interview on Apple Beats 1. "I just wanted to be a good example... I definitely feel protective of her," he shared.

"It was hard for me, being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn," he admitted. "And everyone, you know, telling me they loved me and, you know, just turning their back on you in a second."

"So yeah it’s hard because I want her to know that she can count on me but at the end of the day I'm never going to force myself to be in a relationship, it has to be natural," Bieber continued. "So I just kinda, you know, let her do her thing and if she ever needs me I’m gonna be here for her."

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