I always tell everyone that I love New Jersey and will never leave!

This state really gives us the best of both worlds. If you want to go skiing, the Poconos are close and f you want to take a trip to the beach, it’s nice and easy to get there.

It takes everyone about an hour or so to get there and is super convenient when you want to get away for a day of fun.

Although New Jersey is super versatile and a great place to live in general, some of the laws that are in place are just really confusing.

I saw a weird law that I came across about our very own Trenton, NJ that just blew my mind involving Trenton and a pickle.

The article said that apparently, you could catch a fine if you throw a pickle in the street in the city.

I don’t really know why this law was really put into place in the first place, who has ever been in the middle of Trenton and decided to throw a pickle on the ground?

It was just entirely too random for me to even believe! I figured, if that law is in place and had me that confused, there have to be more laws in place that make no sense at all.

I did some digging and came across an attorney’s article, an article from onlyfromyourstate.com, and also an article written by stupidlaws.com that lists the craziest laws in New Jersey.

I took the best from those lists and linked them below. Keep scrolling!

New Jersey's Weirdest Laws

Have you ever heard of these bizarre laws in New Jersey? Yes, they're real!

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