Blue Moon releases a new blonde beer in an iced-coffee flavor.

Coming to a liquor store near you in November 2019, Blue Moon unleashes an iced-coffee flavored blonde beer. They will be available for purchase in stand-alone six packs says

This will be the first nationally produced blonde coffee ale. These have been seen before at other craft brewers, but these will be different though with a bright coffee aroma and mild salt sweetness.

In case you're wondering, the wheat ale is just coffee flavored... no caffeine included. If you're a decaf person though, you'll never have to buy both coffee and beer again. It will be one-stop shopping at your local grocery store.

If iced-coffee flavored beer doesn't entice you, note that there will also be a Belgian White and Mango Wheat beer released in November as well. The Belgian White, Mango Wheat and Iced-Coffee Blonde will all be 5.4% ABV. Drink up and drink responsibly.

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