A boat ran aground on the beach in North Wildwood earlier this afternoon (Tuesday, July 20).

Photos posted from the scene by Twitter user John Bradley showed a crowd gathering near the boat, which appears to have come ashore near the usually busy 13th street beach.

We don't have many more details at this time, but Bradley's photos showed that a large crowd had gathered near the boat. Police appeared to be responding to the situation as well.

But it was not immediately clear if there were any injuries in the incident, which occurred just around 12 noon on Tuesday.

This is a developing story. We'll have more details when they're made available soon.

This marks the second bizarre incident at the shore in as many days. Just yesterday, a small plane landed on the 9th Street Bridge in nearby Ocean City, NJ. No injuries were reported in the incident, but we have photos below:

Banner Plane Lands on Ocean City Bridge

The 18-year-old pilot of a small banner plane that developed engine trouble made an emergency landing on the Route 52 Causeway Street bridge in Ocean City on July 19, 2021

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