Bobby's Burger Palace, on Route 1 South, in the MarketFair mall, has unfortunately closed its doors for good, according to Planet Princeton.

The eatery was once a mall hot spot, near the movie theater, owned by celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. I remember being at the grand opening of this West Windsor location years ago, back in 2012, and meeting Bobby Flay himself. I was totally star struck. It was certainly a memorable moment. He was so nice. He greeted everyone and even served up some of the orders. For years, it was so popular that it was tough to get a seat in the place at times. Everybody wanted their burger "crunchified," and the fries and shakes were amazing. It was a really cool experience. But, sadly, it now it has a big "for lease" sign in the window and the phone number has been disconnected. A sure sign of the times. I hate seeing so many local businesses shut down.

This isn't the first restaurant in Flay's chain to shutter because of the pandemic. The Freehold Raceway Mall location has closed permanently as well. When this MarketFair mall location first closed, due to coronavirus, back in March, it was thought to only be a temporary closure, but, it has obviously become permanent.

Bobby's Burger Palace did have a lot of competition in the area, with the addition of Shake Shack, Habit Burger, and Five Guys in the area in recent years. I wonder if that had anything to do it closing.

Hopefully, the space doesn't sit vacant for long, and we get another great restaurant in there to take its place. I'll keep you posted.

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