A new book that has taken eight years to complete has recently been finished and released.  The book, “They Carried Us: The Social Impact of Philadelphia’s Black Women Leaders,” takes a look at Black women from Philadelphia who have impacted society in some significant way.

The book is a celebration of those women who may not have been recognized or celebrated throughout the city’s history.  What started out as a simple plan and interest project grew into a comprehensive effort by scholar Fasaha Traylor and educator Allener M. Baker-Rogers.

According to Pennsylvania Capital Star, one of the biggest challenges in the making of the book was how to select women to be featured.  A criterion was created in order to keep the book focused on Black women who were not only good at what they did but did something to change society.

Traylor expressed that the book should have many other women in it and that it shouldn’t be seen as an encyclopedia of important Philly women.  There are many other deserving candidates in the city that just couldn’t be worked into this one publication.

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