This time of year is exciting and fun. Don't get me wrong, I love my presents and I'm in the spirit of giving and being generous, but that doesn't mean I want my online order packages being stolen from my porch. That's not the generosity I had in mind. So when I came across these awesome tips from Community News I wanted to share the advice on how to keep your holidays online purchase packages nice and safe.

Here are some tips according to the Bordentown Police Department:

- Report suspicious vehicles and/or activities in your neighborhood

-  Put your mail on hold at your local Post Office if you plan on being out of town.

- Ship using Hold for Pickup. You can redirect incoming packages shipped via the USPS to your local Post Office.

- Customize the delivery. You can give delivery instructions online and authorize the carrier to leave it in a specified location.

- Install Security Cameras. This might be the obvious tip because the cameras record all the activity happening in front of your door.

-Porch Lock Boxes. Porch lock boxes that delivery drivers can access will protect packages.

- Have packages delivered to your job/office or to a friend's house that you trust.

- Require signatures for delivery - no signature, no package

Get more tips here


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