Heads up if you're heading to this Jersey shore town this beach season!

If you've ever been to one of the Jersey Shore beaches and experienced a lack of space on the beach because of someone's huge tent or canopy, you know how annoying it can be. Not only does it take up a ton of space, crowding the beach, but it can also block the ocean views.

Photo by Zhuoqian Yang on Unsplash
Photo by Zhuoqian Yang on Unsplash
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It's clear why people use beach canopies and tents - it reserves a lot of space for your group and keeps you in the shade, but it's become too much of a nuisance in Brick Township. So the township is putting a ban on them.

Brick Township council members have unanimously approved a ban on beach canopies and tents on their beaches this summer.

Why? The beaches have lost sand over the winter, so space has become more limited. The ban clears up more space for people on their 3 public beaches - Beach I, Beach II and Beach III, according to Brick Shorebeat.

“With limited space on the beach, the township’s recreation committee is in favor of this resolution to make sure all beachgoers have the ability to enjoy the beach with less intrusion from canopies and tents,” said one of the councilmen.

How long will the tent/canopy ban last?

The prohibition is in effect for the 2024 season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. And yes, traditional beach umbrellas are still permitted.

Photo by Barefoot Beach Designs on Unsplash
Photo by Barefoot Beach Designs on Unsplash

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