Can you imagine getting a wedding invitation and then another one asking for money to help pay for that wedding? That's what happened to some guests and the Bride that sent those invites out, apparently cancelled her wedding over it! Basically, this couple only saved about $15,000 dollars for their wedding, but ended up spending $60,000. So the couple re-sent out the invited asking for money from people and even set up a GoFundMe page to help cover costs. But, her wedding guests didn't give them ask much as they needed and she then took to a Facebook page to vent about it. She even said that she and her fiance canceled their wedding because they were fighting about it!

First of all, if you don't give yourself a budget for your wedding, you will go crazy with spending! Trust me, I know! I get married in 19 days and we have stayed on budget and would never ask our guests to send us more money because we couldn't afford it! That's crazy! Moral of the story is...set a budget for your wedding! Oh and don't blame wedding guests for your failed relationship! You probably caused that yourself!

And if this is all a was quite entertaining!

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