After giving it a second chance, Brio Italian Grille in Quaker Bridge Mall has now permanently closed, according to its website.

Darn. I know a lot of my friends liked its Happy Hour with their cocktails and small plates (I loved the Bruschetta Sampler) and of course all the great Italian food.

I hate seeing restaurants close and this is the second closure for the Quaker Bridge Mall Brio.

Yup, it closed once before, I thought for good, in that same spot (near The Cheesecake Factory), but then re-opened last summer (August 2021). You don't see that happen very often so I thought it was there to stay, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

I checked to see if the whole chain was closing or just this Quaker Bridge Mall location and it seems like it's just this location. When I searched, the Freehold and Marlton locations are still open.

I wonder what will go in that space next. Hmmm. What would you like to see there? Another bar and grill? A fun family restaurant?

What about Carrabba's Italian Grill or Maggianos's? Maybe they'd be a better fit there. How about The Melting Pot? There's isn't one in Mercer County currently.

It seems like a prime location. The Cheesecake Factory next door is always crowded. Most of the time when we go there we have to wait at least a half an hour. It's worth the wait.

I certainly hope the employees were transferred to other Brio locations instead of losing their jobs.

I'll let you know as soon as I find out what's going in there next.

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