Good news pizza lovers, Brooklyn Pizza is opening in Freehold Raceway Mall this fall.

I've seen the "Coming Soon"  soon sign in the mall for a little while now (you know I love to shop lol). It says they're on their way and Facebook says they'll be opening in the fall. Yay. I love pizza.

It's going to be in the lower level of the Food Court area, right near the bottom of the escalators. You won't be able to miss it. I'm sure the smell will lure you right in. You won't be able to walk by without grabbing a slice.

So, what kind of pizza is it? A quick google search revealed that it's "Authentic New York-Style Pizza. Dough made from scratch daily. Premium whole milk & part skim cheeses. San Marzano-style tomatoes."

Here's the menu so you can check it out. I'll be checking it out as soon as it opens.

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