If you needed another reminder not to block a fire hydrant when you're parking, here's one from Bucks County this week:

The image was posted by the Levittown Fire Company No. 2 on Facebook Thursday morning saying that a "neighboring community in Bucks County' had an apartment fire overnight Wednesday.

As you can see in the image officials appeared to break through the parked car's windows to run the fire hose from the hydrant to the scene of the blaze.

The exact town or nature of the fire was not immediately clear, but it's a good (and VERY local reminder) not to park near a fire hydrant.

But, if you do park near a hydrant, be prepared for the consequences.

"We will still use (the hydrant), even if your car is in the way," the Levittown Fire Company wrote on Facebook.

Our sister station showed a similar photo from Hamilton Township back in 2018. You can click here to see the photo. 

In fact, Pennsylvania state law requires that no car shall park within 15 feet of a hydrant. Meanwhile, New Jersey law prohibits parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Violators face a fine of $47, state law says.

In Philadelphia, if you block a fire hydrant it could cost you $76, according to the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Wow, I personally can never remember how many feet I am supposed to be away from a hydrant. I've totally Googled that very question before.

But, I always tend to err on the side of caution. Who can eyeball with 15 feet is anyway when you're looking at a sidewalk?

So if I think I'm too close, I assume I am too close. And these photos are a reminder that I should continue to do that.

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