I am lucky that my son is only six months old. I have plenty of friends who have older kids and they have been struggling during this pandemic. When the pandemic started, school's were just starting their virtual learning and kids and parents scrambled to adjust and keep their kids on track with lessons. Unfortunately, most parents were working from home or had to leave their house to go to work because they were deemed essential. This put a lot of stress on parents as well as kids because kids didn't have much to do during the day because of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. I am fortunate that my son is easily entertained with a jumper, or a pack n play and that he loves going for walks. I know a lot of parents also felt the stress because school technically just ended and there wasn't a clear answer on whether summer camps were opening and the same thing with community pools. I know my friends were wondering what they were going to do with their kids for the summer. But, good news is many places are starting to open and today the Bucks County Free Libraries are ready to welcome you and your family back to their facilities.

They announced on June 22nd that they would be opening on July 6th and they have kept their word. According to their website, all visitors must wear masks and practice social distancing. They want everyone to come visit the libraries, but understand we are still in a pandemic. They will still continue curbside pick up if you'd like to use it and their buildings will only hold 75% capacity. I'm sure it would be great to get the kids out of the house and to the library.

For more info click here, and for what you need to know before going, click here.

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