What an awesome kid. A 7-year-old boy from Bucks County has donated the money the was saving for a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to help Ukrainian children in need, according to 6ABC.

Nicholas Perrin had been saving for two years to go on his dream trip to Disney World when he heard about the Ukraine crisis in church recently and wanted to help, 6 ABC reports. 

He felt bad for all of the Ukrainian children who had to flee their homes to escape the violence. He told his mother he wanted to use all of his money to help get the children new toys "because they aren't at home anymore," 6 ABC showed in a video that appeared to be posted to his family's social media accounts. 

How sweet is that? Tears.

So, his family helped him take the $250 he had in his Disney savings jar, added some much-needed supplies, and donated all of it through the Christian Life Center in Bensalem.

Perrin's Disney Fund will go to Convoy of Hope Ukraine and the supplies will go to the United Ukrainian American Relief.
Perrin said he hopes his contribution helps and is wishing the Ukrainian people "a lot of luck." Awww. I just want to give Nicholas the biggest hug.

I know what you're thinking. What about his big trip to Disney World that he was saving for? Well, he's started a new savings jar and hopes to see Mickey soon.

I just love this kid. I'm not sure how many kids his age would have done the same thing. I'm sure his parents are so proud of him. He's learning valuable lessons at a young age.

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