This sounds like fun. Philly is expected to be offering the next biggest craze… bumper cars on ice.

Bumper cars on ice started out in Australia with pop-ups in both Sydney and Melbourne as stated on Obviously, that's too far for us. "Bumper Cars on Ice" have been such a hit in the land down under that the company knew they had to bring it somewhere else. Lucky us,  that somewhere else is right here in the City of Brotherly Love.

According to the exact location of the "Bumper Cars on Ice" has not been disclosed yet but it’ll definitely be closer than Australia. Organizers are making an executive decision based on dates and prices in the near future. As far as a prospected date, it’s  looking like May of 2020.

There are a few of these across the country already, with prices ranging anywhere from $10 to $30 to give you an idea. Hopefully, you can budget a few extra dollars for a drink as well, as there will be a winter wonderland themed bar featuring mulled wine and frozen cocktails according to

Stay tuned for more information, but until then, don’t lose too much sleep over the idea of zipping, spinning, and gliding across the ice into your friends and others.

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