It's National French Fry Day. To celebrate, here are some deals I found from fast-food chains in our area. according to Delish and USA Today. 

  • McDonald's- Order a medium fry using their app and your fries will be free.
  • Burger King- Fries for $1 using their app.
  • KFC - Fries for 30 cents with any purchase.

There are foods that I say, I could eat every day of my life and not get sick of. If people know me well, they know that I cannot resist fried foods. I am an appetizer girl for sure and when I go out to a restaurant, I will get an appetizer instead of a dessert every single time.

I am obsessed with mozzarella sticks, I love fried pickles and I love potatoes in every form. My favorite is mashed potatoes, but I love french fries, tator tots, and waffle fries.

I know my family and I will be celebrating National French Fry Day for sure, and you should too, why not? I think it's also something that everyone needs right now.

Most fast-food restaurants and regular restaurants are taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures, so you can feel good about going and getting yourself some french fries. It may even make you smile.

I am totally not going to get into the debate on who has the best fries, even though I am adamant about where I eat my fries, but on a day like today, I may sample a whole bunch of places.

There are also a bunch of deals on french fries at other fast-food restaurants too. Check them out here and here.

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