Melissa Spangola is the lucky jackpot winner on the 100 Times The Bucks scratch-off game from the New Jersey Lottery this week. The ticket was purchased at the Wawa on Wrightstown Road in Burlington County by her father, who gifted her the ticket.

Spangola is now claiming $2 million, and she is in utter disbelief. The winner had the option of receiving $80,000 a year for 25 years or a one-time cash payout of $1,458,000. She went with the payout in April. Who can blame her?

Melissa tells Inside Edition that she is going to take her entire family on a luxurious Bahamas vacation. She also plans to share the money with her family, and hopefully a large portion with her dad.

Otherwise, Spangola is relieved that her winnings will help with her financial stability, and she's still on cloud nine. What an amazing start to 2019, right?

I always thought that giving scratch-off tickets as a gift to someone was risky. If I buy a ticket and it wins a large jackpot, I should be the one to claim the winnings. In fact, if I gave a winning ticket to a friend, I honestly think I would resent myself for it.

You may wanna think twice before you give a lottery ticket as a gift.

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