Area holiday light show favorite, Burlington Lights, will be putting on a Halloween Light Show again this year. So fun. Did anybody else catch the sort of announcement on their Facebook page? I did, and I'm excited.

The post says, "We are close to having everything up for our Halloween Lights to be running. We ran in to a small snag with our FM Frequency and someone else nearby transmitting on the same frequency with a higher power. So right now we are working on finalizing the new frequency to use and setting everything up. Announcements to come." Yay.

I sure hope this will also become a yearly tradition, like their annual holiday lights. This will be the 3rd year for the Halloween Lights. If you've never been, Burlington Lights is a family's mega holiday light display on Steeplechase Blvd. in Burlington, NJ. They have a love for the holidays and a love for helping their community. Since so many people come from all over the area to see their lights, they decided to give back and collect donations from visitors for the Burlington Township Food Pantry. Last year, they were not only able to donate truckloads of food, they donated over $2,000. Wow.

I did a little impromptu poll on the PST website last year, after not being able to decide which area light display was my favorite, and Burlington Lights got a whopping 21,000 votes. Wow. So, I'm thinking the Halloween Light Show will be a big hit.

I can't wait to visit. Watch their Facebook page for updates.

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