Yay, they're back. Popular local holiday light display, Burlington Lights, will go on this season, starting tonight, now that the family has recovered from their bout with Covid-19, according to Facebook.

I'm sure many area residents (including me) would say the holidays just wouldn't be the same without a trip to see the cool light display. There are over 30,000 lights, set to music that you can listen to on your car radio. It's located at the corner of Steeplechase Boulevard and Tack Way in Burlington Township, just off of Route 543. Thankfully, the show will go on.

The family set the record straight in a recent post that read, "Getting a lot of inquiries about the lights. Yes, our family were all hit by COVID. It knocked us down for a couple of weeks but we are all in the clear and out of quarantine. We are working hard to get everything up and we feel confident that we will be on schedule to get the lights going by Friday." Ok, great. But, then, a post last night says they're opening ahead of schedule....TONIGHT.

First of all, I'm so happy to hear you're all feeling better. Secondly, phew. I'm so happy everyone will get to experience the Burlington Lights for another year. You know I'm a very traditional person. It's so much fun, year after year.

Once again this year, they will be collecting monetary and food donations for the Burlington Township Food Pantry. Please donate, if you're able. Look for the bin out front.

Plus, new for this year, they're having an art contest of sorts. During this year's Halloween light show, someone left a painted rock featuring their illuminated home on their porch, and they loved it, which sparked the idea for a painted rock contest. Get working on it. Anyone, any age can join the fun. Just paint a rock with any scene...the holiday lights, Christmas in general, or anything in the Burlington area, write your name and number (or email) on the back of the rock in sharpie marker, and put it in the food donation bin from now until December 21st. One lucky person will win a $25 Amazon gift card.

We could all use a sense of normalcy this year...thank you Burlington Lights for pushing on. For more information and directions, click here.

Happy holidays.


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