Sorry to pass along this disappointing news. You won't be able to see "Burlington Lights," anymore. Sigh.

The popular holiday light show had over 30,000 lights synced to holiday music. It has shined brightly for 12 years at the corner of Steeplechase Boulevard and Tack Way, but has now come to an end.

The Murzda family made the announcement on the light show's Facebook page.

The message read in part, "So we wish this could be a better announcement. We were planning on announcing this month that this was going to be our last year of doing the lights (but for good reasons) we were going to lose a lot of help (our 2 elves)...our son will soon be deploying for the air force to serve his country and our daughter is involved with intense education for her career in the medical radiology field."

The post continued, "But, unfortunately, some severe medical issues have arrived with Ron's mom in the last week and there is just too much to be done and no where near enough time for the work that needs to be done."

Unfortunately, since that post, Ron's mom has passed away. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Not only has the Murzda family's light display entertained thousands of people from all over the area, it's also helped to supply food and much needed funds for the Burlington Township Food Pantry.

Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

Since Burlington Lights began 12 years ago, visitors were asked to bring canned goods to donate or make a monetary donation, with 100% of the donations going to the food pantry.

Truck loads of food have been donated and almost $30,000. Wow! That's impressive.

Thank you, Murzda family for everything you've done over the years. We'll miss the holiday lights, but certainly understand that things change.

Here's some good news. The family one day plans to do the Halloween Light Show again. It doesn't take nearly as long to set up as the holiday lights.

We can't wait to see the lights shining again.

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