What's better than one slurpee?  Two slurpees!  You don't even have to share the free one with anyone...I won't tell! Lol! Just saw on Delish that all this week, at participating 7 Elevens, they're doing Buy IOne Get One Free Slurpees. The reason? To celebrate the beginning of the school year...colleges are starting soon, and Labor Day weekend isn't that far away! Who cares what the reason is....you get a free slurpee! Lol!  So, get to your local 7-11 today! Don't forget, the 7-11 in Lawrenceville, near Notre Dame High School closed a few months ago. No worries, you can head to Princeton Jct., Trenton, Hamilton,...they're all over the area! Slurp slow though...don't get a brain freeze! lol!

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