If you haven’t been to this amazing little spot in Ewing, New Jersey, you are seriously missing out. Cafe Seventy-Two, in my opinion, has one of the most unique menus in the area.

I for one love all things breakfast and brunch foods, so when I went to this restaurant for the first time I was in heaven.


Now that the warmer seasons are here, Cafe Seventy-Two announced that they have a brand new outdoor patio that’s officially available for dine-in starting now according to a recent Facebook post!


I think one of the only good things that COVID brought us was that a bunch of restaurants started to offer outdoor dining options and I for one love being outside and enjoying a good meal.

It seems like this outdoor patio sits right in front of the restaurant. Based on the picture alone, it seems like this outdoor patio adds about 10 extra tables for customers to be seated at.

CAFE Seventy-Two via Facebook
CAFE Seventy-Two via Facebook

If you have ever made the trip to this restaurant, everyone in the area knows how amazing it is so on Saturdays and Sundays it can get a little crowded. This looks like it will alleviate some of the traffic and will make room for even more customers which is amazing! I seriously can not wait to go.

The area was made extremely aesthetically pleasing and looked like the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon brunch on a sunny summer morning. Cafe Seventy-Two is located at 72 WUpper Ferry Rd, Ewing Township, New Jersey.

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