Mark Hough, a man in California was just enjoying himself in his hot tub and just before he could take a sip of his margarita, he heard some noises coming towards the back of his yard. He didn't think much of it until it didn't stop. He went to go check it out and he saw a bear climbing over his fence! Naturally, he went inside to avoid the bear, which I think I would too! When he looked again a little while later, the bear was still in his backyard and he was enjoying himself!

The bear had hopped in his hot tub and sipping on what was left of Mark's margarita! Mark said the bear looked like he was having such a good time! Once the bear had enough playtime, he hoped back over the fence to what Mar believes would be his afternoon nap!

I would be so mad if a bear tried to drink my margarita! But then again, I wouldn't wanna get my face mauled for trying to take that margarita away from him! When it comes to tequila, I think everyone gets a little sensitive!

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