Come experience Yardley! Canal-O-Ween is an annual week-long traditional-style lighting of Jack-O-Lanterns, which is located on North Edgewater Avenue along the historic Delaware Canal in the Rivermawr Neighborhood. Canal-O-Ween Stroll allows for spectators to take in all of fall’s beauty without vehicles within the natural setting of the canal.

Canal-O-Ween starts on the Sunday before Halloween with the 11th annual Carve-O-Thon. This event is about carving pumpkins, lighting them, enjoying the creativity of 300+ Jack-O-Lanterns, and spending time with family and friends while embarking on a beautiful fall adventure. On Sunday, October 27th from 12pm-3pm the main event is carving! The Carve-O-Thon people gather to carve over 300 Jack-O-Lanterns! You can bring your own tools and a large pumpkin if you have one, but if not it will all be provided!

The Jack-O-Lantern Stroll will take place on Sunday October 27th and go through Saturday Nov. 2nd and this is where you can take a peaceful “stroll” as dusk settles in and hundreds of carved Jack-O-Lanterns are lighting up your way for over a quarter of a mile. It is a Halloween filled series of events that you do not want to miss!!